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An effective entryway keeps clutter at bay

Having a dedicated space when you come home to drop your things helps to keep the rest of the home neat and tidy. With busy schedules, large families and long days, having specially designed spaces for the things we come and go with makes it easy to drop and relax when you return home. Whether you have a whole room or a small niche, we can work with you to design a space that will meet your unique needs.

A large room allows for a cubby for every family member with shelves or drawers above and shoe cubbies or drawers below. Coat hooks are a must whether you have one large bench or dedicated space for everyone and drawer banks make excellent storage for all of those winter gloves and scarves. If you have the space, a sink is a great addition for easy washing upon returning home and don't forget to outfit the sink cabinet with a trash and recycling pullout for easily discarding junk mail and opened envelopes.

Contact us today to see how we can help create your welcome home space.

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