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Glass Doors

Glass Doors can add interest and focal areas to your kitchen or master bath. There are many options for adding glass doors depending on the design style you are after. Square grills, no grills, diamonds and more -combined with clear or seeded glass give you an array of options. Whether you add a pair of glass curios flanking a hood or divide double sinks in the master bath with a glass display cabinet, glass can highlight your space and show off collectibles.

Many forms of lighting are available today for illuminating the cabinets, lights in the top of the cabinet shine down casting a rich sea of light and shadows down through your glass dishes, bowls and collectibles. While rope LED lighting softly and evenly illuminates your entire cabinet. Different types of lighting put off different temperatures - from warm yellows to cooler whites - so consider your space and discuss with your interior or lighting designer to help decide which lighting type will work best for you.

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