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 Design/Build Process

Company History

Maple Ridge Cabinetry is a fully custom company located in northeast Georgia. Since 1994 we have been specializing in high end, all wood cabinetry that reflects the growing movement of custom furniture for kitchens and baths.


What do we mean when we say “fully custom”?
We will build cabinets in 1/16” increments in all directions.  While this is probably the case for many other companies as well, we also charge by the 1/16” increment.  You don’t have to pay for a 30” cabinet to get a 27 7/8” cabinet.  We also customize door and drawer sections to any configuration (within the limits of the door and drawer style you select) without an up charge.  We allow cabinets to be built up to 8 ft wide with as many sections as you request without any additional charge.  Simply put - customizing is standard.


Changing the way you design.
The concept at Maple Ridge is to take the space that is available and create a fully functional work space for that area.  Rather than making the walls fit the cabinets, make the cabinets fit the walls. 


Step One: Contact Us for Quote


We begin by quoting your project.  All quotes are done by our design team.  If you do not have a design yet, we can help create one.  You may send in simple dimensions, a set of house plans, or a cabinet layout along with any design style preferences you may have (traditional, old world, etc. - See our Design Guide for options).  Within a couple of days, we will send a set of drawings and a quote to you.  Revisions can be made by marking up the drawings and sending them back to us or by requesting an online meeting with the designer to make changes in real time.  


Step Two: Finalize Design & Sign Off

Once the design is finalized and final measurements taken, there are 2 sign offs that are necessary to get an order into production.  First, a signed quote and 50% deposit will get the job into the production schedule.  Second, a set of signed drawings will get the job into production.  Once you have carefully reviewed and confirmed that the drawings you received from the drafting department are correct, sign and date each page and fax them in.  These signed drawings, along with a 50% deposit, will get your project ordered.  You can then get an estimated shipping date.1



Step Three: Shipping & Installation


Prior to shipping, the balance of the price is due.  If the project is being shipped on our dedicated truck services, it can be delivered directly to the job site.  Small orders and punch lists will be shipped with common carriers or a parcel service.


Installation drawings are shipped with each job.  Each cabinet has a label on it that corresponds to the installation drawings, making it easy for your installer to correctly install the cabinetry.


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