Virginia Mansion has large Hearth focal point

Maple Ridge custom cabinetry allows you to mix and match finishes and designs to create your dream kitchen. We can incorporate custom-designed, furniture style armoires to house appliances. Appliance panels disguise the utilitarian appearance of refrigerators and dishwashers. Curios can be designed that do double duty as decorative elements and storage. Hearth style hoods - like shown here - are a grand focal point in the kitchen and a variety of design elements like corbels and island legs are available to create a unique style for any home. You can use multiple finishes, as shown in this Virginia mansion by The Building Group, Inc., or even custom Art as well as mixed wood species to keep a furniture feel that ties in to the rest of the home and create a true room that both lives and works!

Image Credit:: The Building Group, Inc. Great Falls VA

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