We recently unveiled a new line of finishes at the International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas in early February.

We had a great show and enjoyed talking with many of you again and of course meeting new people as well!

Our new “Venetian Finish” series is an authentic, traditional Italian lime wash process. This extensive, multi-step process yields a richly layered result best suited to open grain wood species such as Oak, Walnut, Pecan and Mahogany. This finish style really picks up on the natural color tones and characteristics of the wood below making a unique look on each wood species and even takes on new life in different types of lighting.

We are working on more color options in the Venetian series that will be available soon. And as always, we can create custom colors within the Venetian style to suit any project you are working on right now.

The curio shown below is finished in one of the new finishes, Dusk, on Pecan wood.


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